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Presenting the exquisite Dira, a black Banarasi raw silk masterpiece. The shirt, adorned with 3D white floral embroidery and a Kurta Patti neck, boasts a stunning motif on the back, capturing the elegance and charm of Dira. Paired with a black chiffon dupatta featuring off-white lace detailing and loose black Banarasi ezzar pants, this ensemble radiates timeless sophistication.


Hayat brings life to the coral sleeveless chunri shirt, enriched with gotta and sequins moti work, capturing the liveliness of life's moments. The border of the shirt is intricately adorned with gotta and sequins work, adding depth to its detailing. Paired with a chiffon dupatta featuring gotta work borders finished with champa and paltawa, and a matching Dhaka pyjama with a gotta work border, this ensemble exemplifies the essence of existence through its careful craftsmanship and decorative touches.


Enter the realm of elegance with Menekşe, a purple chiffon anarkali adorned with intricate Indian gotta Hand work on the body and Kali work along the borders for added flair, infusing every movement with grace and detail. Draped delicately, its chiffon dupatta boasts zari and sequins embroidered borders and scattered boties, evoking the allure of twilight's hues. With meticulous craftsmanship, this ensemble embodies the spirit of Menekşe, capturing the essence of violet skies in its ethereal beauty.


Embrace the everlasting charm of Nina, where green raw silk weaves a tale of vitality and renewal. Adorned with stone and kora dabka work on the neckline, the shirt captivates with intricate detailing. Paired with matching raw silk ezzar pants and a multi-color chunri dupatta finished with chaan, lace, and paltawa, this ensemble embodies the enduring beauty of nature, making every wear a timeless celebration of life.


Embrace elegance with our Roseate Ensemble. The organza long shirt, embellished with fine pearls all over, boasts a round neckline and an exquisite tear-drop back design with delightful bird motifs. Complemented by loose cotton silk ezzar pants in a harmonious shade, this attire radiates timeless charm and ethereal allure.


Immerse yourself in serenity with Ruhe, a blue banarsi long shirt adorned with exquisite embroidery on the neckline and sleeves, evoking tranquillity and sophistication. Paired with a teal banarasi raw silk long ezzar pants, this ensemble exudes a complete look with a earthy brown banarasi raw silk shawl, featuring intricate embroidery and chatta Patti finishing, providing warmth and elegance in every fold.

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