Picture of Shyla
Picture of Shyla
Picture of Shyla
Picture of Shyla
Picture of Shyla


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SKU: unstitched-SA001
Design Code: unstitched-SA001
Delivery date: 3-5 days
Color: Maroon Fabric: Lawn Work Details: Embroidery

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Shyla is a premium, unstitched three-piece lawn ensemble in rich mahogany, adorned with intricate beige embroidery throughout the shirt. This luxurious attire is complemented by a beautifully embroidered lawn dupatta with detailed borders and paired with matching lawn trousers.

● Details - embroidered front centre panel (lawn) 1 piece
● embroidered front right panel (lawn) 1 piece
● embroidered front left panel (lawn) 1 piece
● embroidered back (lawn) 30"
● embroidered front and back daman border (lawn) 1.52 metre
● embroidered front and back side border (lawn) 2.66 metre
● embroidered sleeves (lawn) 2 piece
● embroidery sleeves border (lawn) 1 metre
● embroidered dupatta ( lawn) 2.6 metre
● embroidered dupatta border (lawn) 7 metre
● dyed trouser (lawn) 2.5 metre


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